Hosta Theme Gardens

What is a Theme Garden? It is a garden where every plant fits into one particular theme.

Why plant a Theme Garden? Sometimes, we may just want to branch outside of traditional landscaping norms and try something different. So, one idea is to create a theme garden. Making a beautiful space in your landscape which highlights a particular interest or topic is a lot of fun. With the thousands of hostas which are now available, finding some varieties to fit a specific theme is very achievable. You may even consider adding other companion plants which correspond to your topic. As a finishing touch, garden art including a sign is a great way to set off a theme garden from the rest of the yard.

How to plant a Theme Garden? Designing and planting a theme garden is exciting. It is an excellent way to involve the whole family in an outdoor project. Even young children can be recruited to arrange and help plant a theme garden, adding their own special touches here and there. Once completed, a theme garden can pique the interest of friends and visitors and is always very entertaining.

What is an example of a Theme Garden? Perhaps you have an interest in a particular hobby or sport. Begin by drawing up a plan which corresponds to that theme. You can consult the lists in this manual to see if there are some hostas which would be compatible to your topic, as well as searching online to find companion plants which are in tune with your theme. For example, if you are a football fan, check out the Athlete's Garden list. Are there some hostas which would be suitable for your Football Garden? Perhaps you could build a goal post to put at the end of the lawn and plant a garden around it. Or, are you a golfer? Well then, you may need to hit the thrift store to find some golf shoes and golf bag to use as planters, and buy some old golf clubs to stick in the ground for your clematis to twine up them. In any case, employ humorous and quirky garden art to add a bit of whimsy and personality to your theme garden. Make it your own. Others will find it as amusing as you do!

Another idea is to establish a Family Garden. Each one in the family can plant and cultivate their own individual corner. There is a wide selection of hosta names to choose from for each family member and next of kin - 'Big Daddy', 'Mama Bear', 'Tall Boy, 'Step Sister', 'Country Cousin', and so on. There are even hostas which include a given name such as 'Tom Terrific', 'Dandy Randy', 'Sally and Bob', etc. Furthermore, you could consider including hostas or other plants with the names of each of your grandchildren. They would be delighted to know they have a special place in your heart... as well as in your garden.

With these lists of Hosta Theme Gardens, herein lies a resource to help you on your mission in making your very own theme garden. Have fun!

African Garden
American Indians Garden
Amusement Park Garden
Angel Garden
Arctic Garden
Artist's Garden
Astronomer's Garden
Athlete's/Sports Lover's Garden
Automobiles / Auto Mechanic's Garden
Aviator's Garden
Banker's / Accountant's Garden
Bartender's Garden
Boater's Garden
Children's/Toy Garden
Christmas Garden
Cowboy's Garden
Dancer's/Entertainer's Garden
Desert Garden
Fall Garden
Family Garden
Famous Actors Garden
Famous Celebrities/Singers Garden
Farmer's Garden
Firefighter's Garden
Fisherman's Garden
French Garden
Gambler's/Card Player's Garden
Garment Garden
Geographer's Garden
German Garden
Gourmet's / Food Garden
Greek Mythology Garden
Halloween Garden
Hunter's Garden
Jeweler's Garden
Medical Doctor's Garden
Memorial Garden
Meteorologist's/Weather Forecaster's Garden
Mineralogist's/Gemologist's Garden
Miner's/Prospector's Garden
Moon Garden
Musician's Garden
Nursery Rhymes / Children's Stories and Books Garden
Olympian's Garden
Patriotic Garden
Prehistoric Garden
Presidential Garden
Railroad Engineer's Garden
Religious / Biblical Garden
Rock and Roll Garden
Romance/Marriage/Sex Garden
Royalty Garden
Sewer's Garden
Sleeper's/Dreamer's Garden
Soldier's/Warrior's Garden
Song Garden
Spanish Garden
Spring Garden
Star Trek/Star Wars Garden
Summer Garden
Time Keeper's Garden
TV/Movie Watcher's Garden
Wedding Garden
Wild West Garden
Winter Garden
Zoologist's/Animal Garden

Hosta Theme Gardens Master File Downloads

Download the Theme Gardens Master List - letter size 8.5" x 11" here.
Download a printable cover - letter size 8.5" x 11" here.

Download the Theme Gardens Master List - A4 here.
Download a printable cover - A4 here.

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