Medical Doctor's Garden

  'Big Shot'
  'Blinding Flash'
  'Blood, Sweat and Tears'
  'Bloody Mary'
  'Broken Hearted'
  'Cross Stitch'
  'Cutting Edge'
  'Doctor Fu Manchu'
  'Doctor Reath'
  'Dr. Bill-Bob'
  'Dr. Bob'
  'Dr. Hale'
  'Dr John'
  'Frensham Heart Beat'
  'Fused Veins'
  'Gold Vein'
  'Hairline Fracture'
  'Heart Broken'
  'Heart Throb'
  'Hot Flash'
  'Iszat U Doc'
  'June Fever'
  'Jungle Fever'
  'My Heart'
  'Oh My Heart'
  'Old Hump Back'
  'Open Hearted'
  'Red Legs'
  'Rival Doctor'
  'Smiling Dr. Jim'
  'Spring Back'
  'Stripped Naked'
  'Stitch in Time'
  'Temperature Rising'
  'Thumb Nail'
  'Tremont Cardiac'
  'What's Up Doc'
  'White Line Fever'
  'White Linen'
  'Yellow Fever'

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