Wedding Garden

  'Abba Soul Mate'
  'Abundant Love'
  'Addicted to Love'
  'Bachelor Party'
  'Band of Gold'
  'Best Man'
  'Blushing Bride'
  'Bridal Falls'
  'Bridal Veil'
  'Carin's Wedding'
  'Childhood Sweetheart'
  'Dance with Me'
  'Diamonds are Forever'
  'Dorothy's Wedding Band'
  'Endearing Endeavor'
  'Everlasting Love'
  'Fair Maiden'
  'Fairest Maiden'
  'Faithful Heart'
  'Fiftieth Anniversary'
  'Flower Child'

  'Happy Hearts'
  'Heart's Content'
  'Heart's Delight'
  'Heart's Desire'
  'Hearts and Flowers'
  'Honey Moon'
  'Hot Kiss'
  'Hugs and Kisses'
  'Imagine Love'
  'Innocent Desire'
  'Lacy Belle'
  'Lady in Waiting'
  'Lakeside Beloved'
  'Lotsa Love'
  'Love of Life'
  'Love of My Life'
  'Love Song'
  'Love You'
  'Lovely to Behold'
  'Lucky in Love'
  'Magnificent Obsession'

  'My Darling'
  'My Precious'
  'My Valentine'
  'None Lovelier'
  'One Fine Day'
  'Only You'
  'Pop the Question'
  'Prince Charming'
  'Rosedale Loving Lady'
  'Royal Wedding'
  'Say Yes'
  'Summer Wedding'
  'Sweet Affection'
  'True Love'
  'Twist of Fate'
  'Unbridled Passion'
  'Valley's Endless Love'
  'Wedding Band'
  'Wedding Night'
  'White Wedding'
  'You Light Up My Life'
  'Yours Truly'

Also see Romance, Marriage, and Sex Garden.

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