African Garden

'Blazing Hot'
'Desert Sun'
'Egypt Me'
'Egypt Me Too'
'Honey Hill Midnight Oasis'
'It's a Jungle Out There'
'Jewel of the Nile'
'Jungle Beauty'
'Jungle Cascade'
'Jungle Fever'
'Jungle Princess'
'Marrakech' (a city in Morocco)
'Midnight at the Oasis'
'Pharaoh's Gold'
'Rain Forest'
'Rain Forest Shooting Stars'
'Rainforest Sunrise'
'River Nile'
'Savannah Emerald'
'Sahara Nights'
'Send Your Camel to Bed'
'Sum Like It Hot'
'Temperature Rising'
'Too Darn Hot'
'Tropic Sunset'
'Tropic Thunder'
'Tropical Dancer'
'Tropical Highland'
'Tropical Storm'
'Tropical Thunder'
'Victoria Falls'
'Wild Imagination'
'Wild Nights'
'Wild Thing'

Hostas with African animal names:
'Abiqua Elephant Ears'
'Black Mamba'
'Colesburg Crocodile'
'Crocodile Queen'
'Crocodile Rock'
'Crocodile Smile'
'Crocodile Socks'
'Crocodile Tears'
'Dancing Cobra'
'Dandy Lion'
'Desert Mouse'
'Elephant Burgers'
'Elephant Ears'
'Foxfire Viper'
'Funky Monkey'
'Golden Tusk'
'Golden Zebra'
'Kiwi Hippo'
'Lion Island'
'Monkey Fist'
'Rhino Blue'
'Rhino Hide'
'Rosedale Lion's Mane'
'Valley's Love Birds'
'Wet Crocodile'
'White Elephant'
'Zebra Stripes'

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