Garment Garden

'Abba Sombrero'
'Alice Blue Gown'
'Alligator Shoes'
'Baby Booties'
'Baggy Pants'
'Bell Bottom Blues'
'Blue Chiffon'
'Blue Gown'
'Blue Hat'
'Blue Jeans Bling'
'Blue Skirt'
'Blue Stockings'
'Blue Suede Shoes'
'Blue Veil'
'Boots and Saddles'
'Bossy Pants'
'Bridal Veil'
'Buffalo Designer Genes'
'Burgundy Bermudas'
'Christmas Stocking'
'Clown's Collar'
'Crinoline Petticoats'
'Crocodile Socks'
'Denim Jacket'
'Designer Genes'
'Double D Cup'
'Dress Blues'
'Dress Whites'
'Dressed in Green'
'Elf Bonnet'
'Elf Slippers'
'Evening Gown'
'Faded Blue Jeans'
'Faded Genes'
'Feather Boa'
'Flip Flop'
'Fragrant Blue Ribbons'
'Frozen Jacket'
'G String'
'Geisha's Green Skirt'
'Glass Slipper'
'Gold Pants'
'Golden Crinoline'
'Golden Fleece'
'Golden Gloves'
'Golden Slippers'
'Gosan Leather Strap'
'Gosan Moon Skirt'
'Grass Skirt'
'Green Jeans'
'Green Kimono'
'Green Sleeve'
'Green Sleeves'
'Greenie Weenie Bikini'
'High Heels'
'Honey Hill Wrinkled Rainslicker'
'Hoop Skirt'
'Hula Skirt'
'Kinky Boots'
'Lady Slipper'
'Lakeside Blue Jeans'
'Lakeside Fancy Pants'
'Lakeside Party Dress'
'Lavender Lace'
'Lavender Stocking'
'Leather Belt'
'Leather Coat'
'Long Green Dress'
'Marilyn's Petticoat'
'Mini Skirt'
'Mr. Green Jeans'
'Mr. Red Jeans'
'Oh! Them Golden Slippers'
'Orion's Belt'
'Oxford Blue'
'Peoria Knickers'
'Petticoat Pink'
'Plain Jane in a Frilly Skirt'
'Plain Jane in an A-Line Skirt'
'Purple Boots'
'Purple Bow Tie'
'Purple Robe'
'Red Slippers'
'Red Sox'
'Rosedale Mr. Blue Jeans'
'Rosedale Mr. Green Jeans'
'Rosedale Tie-dyed'
'Ruby Slippers'
'Ruffled Petticoats'
'Rumpled Hat'
'Satin Bloomers'
'Scally Cap'
'Scarlet Ribbons'
'Silk Kimono'
'Snake Skin Boots'
'Snow Cap'
'Stained Satin'
'String Bikini'
'Summer Dress'
'Teeny-weeny Bikini'
'Top Hat and Tails'
'Valley's Petticoat'
'Valley's Silky Skirt'
'Valley's White Suit'
'Velvet Glove'
'White Bikini'
'White Cap'
'White Caps'
'White Tie Affair'
'White Undies'
'Wizard's Turban'
'Yellow Jacket'
'Yellow Polka Dot Bikini'
'Yellow Ribbons'

Also see Sewer's Garden.

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