Dancer's / Entertainer's Garden

'Abba Icecapades'
'Abba Little Showoff'
'Abba Showtime'
'Abba Two-step'
'All Jazzed Up'
'All that Jazz'
'Back Stage'
'Ballroom Bubbles'
'Banyai's Dancing Girl'
'Belle of the Ball'
'Blue Fan Dancer'
'Break Dance'
'Bubble Dance'
'Celtic Dancer'
'Center Stage'
'Chartreuse Wiggles'
'Chris' Flashdance'
'Clap Your Hands'
'Command Performance'
'Curtain Call'
'Dance with Me'
'Dancing Cobra'
'Dancing Darling'
'Dancing Eddy'
'Dancing Flame'
'Dancing Hero'
'Dancing in the Dark'
'Dancing in the Moonlight'
'Dancing in the Rain'
'Dancing Lizard'
'Dancing Mouse'
'Dancing Queen'
'Dancing Stars'
'Dancing with Dragons'
'Dancing with the Stars'
'Dim Those Lights'
'Drama Queen'
'Exotic Dancer'
'Fan Dance'
'Fire Dancer'
'First Dance'
'Flamenco Dancer'
'Flash Dance'
'Floral Dance'
'Foxfire Shadow Dancer'
'Ghost Dancer'
'Golden Ballerina'
'Hawaiian Luau'
'Hokey Pokey'
'Hollywood Lights'
'Ice Prancer'
'Irish Jig'
'Lakeside Cha Cha'
'Lakeside Dark Dancer'
'Lakeside Flame Dance'
'Lakeside Leading Lady'
'Lakeside Waltz King'
'Lap Dance'
'Last Dance'
'Leading Lady'
'Let Me Entertain You'
'Let's Dance'
'Let's Twist Again'
'Little Dancer'
'Lover's Leap'
'Mango Tango'
'Maya Swingtime'
'Modern Dance'
'Moon Dance'
'On Stage'
'One Last Dance'
'Paradise Backstage'
'Pole Cat'
'Pole Dance'
'Prima Donna'
'Private Dancer'
'Rain Dancer'
'River Dance'
'Sea Show Stopper'
'Shadow Dance'
'Shadow Waltz'
'Shake My Bootie'
'Shall We Dance'
'She's a Dancer'
'Shimmy Shake'
'Show Biz'
'Show Girl'
'Show Stopper'
'Sky Dancer'
'Spring Back'
'Spring Fling'
'Stage Fright'
'Standing Ovation'
'Star Power'
'Stepping Out'
'Stormy Dance'
'Super Star'
'Tangerine Tango'
'Tango Twist'
'Tea Dance'
'The Twister'
'Tiny Dancer'
'Totally Twisted'
'Tropical Dancer'
'Twist and Flip'
'Twist and Shout'
'Twisted Sister'
'Two Step'
'Valley's Dancing Lady'
'Valley's Sand Dance'
'Waltzing Matilda'
'Warwick Ballerina'
'Whirling Dervish'

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