Halloween Garden

  'Abba Spellbinder'
  'After Midnight'
  'American Monster'
  'Backyard Monster'
  'Candy Dish'
  'Count Dracula'
  'Dark Night'
  'Dark Shadows'
  'Dark Side'
  'Dixie Ghost'
  'Ghost Dancer'
  'Ghost Spirit'
  'Ghost Tiara'
  'Ghost Traveler'
  'Giantland Halloween'
  'Goldbrook Ghost'
  'Green-eyed Monster'
  'Grey Ghost'
  'Grim Grinning Ghost'
  'Midnight Hour'
  'Monster Ears'
  'Moon Monster'
  'Mostly Ghostly'
  'Scaredy Cat'
  'Susan Montgomery's Ghost'
  'Witches Brew'

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