Winter Garden

  'Arctic Blast'
  'Autumn Frost'
  'Azure Snow'
  'Bohemia Snow Storm'
  'Buffalo Snow'
  'First Frost'
  'Flash Freeze'
  'Frost Giant'
  'Frosted Dimples'
  'Frosted Evening'
  'Frosted Frolic'
  'Frosted Morning'
  'Frosty Morn'
  'Giantland Winter Solstice'
  'Ice Crystals'
  'Ice Follies'
  'Ivory Snow'
  'Kiwi Ice Breaker'
  'Korean Snow'
  'Lakeside April Snow'
  'Lakeside Black Ice'
  'Lakeside Chill Factor'
  'Montreal Blue Icestorm'
  'Mountain Snow'
  'North Wind'
  'Northern Exposure'
  'Piccadilly Snow Mound'
  'Polar Night'
  'Rosedale Black Ice'
  'Rosedale Glacier Ice'
  'Snow Boy'
  'Snow Cap'
  'Snow Crust'
  'Snow Drop'
  'Snow Flakes'
  'Snow Flurry'
  'Snow Mound'
  'Snow Mound Variegated'
  'Snowy Mountain'
  'Touch of Frost'
  'Valley's Big Freeze'
  'Valley's Glacier'
  'Vermont Frost'
  'Waukon Thin Ice'
  'Winter Bouquet'
  'Winter Frost'
  'Winter Green'
  'Winter Lightning'
  'Winter Memories'
  'Winter Rainbow'
  'Winter Snow'
  'Winter Vision'
  'Winter Warrior'
  'Winter's Dawn'
  'Winter's Edge'
  'Xanadu Snow'

Also see Arctic Garden.

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