Musician's Garden

  'Abba Allegro'
  'Abiqua Trumpet'
  'All that Jazz'
  'American Sonata'
  'Angel Choir'
  'Angel Harp Strings'
  'Beer Belly Blues'
  'Bell Bottom Blues'
  'Bell Ringer'
  'Big B'
  'Big Horn'
  'Birth of the Blues'
  'Blue Bugles'
  'Blue Melody'
  'Blue Music'
  'Bluegrass Country'
  'Blues Alley'
  'Blues in the Night'
  'Boogie Blues'
  'Boogie Woogie'
  'Brass Horn'
  'Chicago Blues'
  'Chorus Girl'
  'Counter Point'
  'Country Melody'
  'Dixieland Jazz'
  'Dorothy's Brass Band'
  'Drummer Boy'

  'Fascinating Rhythm'
  'Flemish Melody'
  'Frazeur Family Band'
  'Free Jazz'
  'Golden Harmony'
  'Golden Melody'
  'Gotta Little Blues'
  'Grand Finale'
  'Heavy Metal'
  'Hillbilly Blues'
  'I Got Rhythm'
  'It Rocks'
  'Jamboree Joy'
  'Jelly Rolls Blues'
  'Lakeside Maestro'
  'Lakeside Ragtime'
  'Lakeside Symphony'
  'Lord Rock'

  'Maya Swingtime'
  'Memphis Blue'
  'Moody Blues'
  'Moonlight Sonata'
  'Musical Mama'
  'Night Music'
  'Oberland Colourful Noise'
  'Piano Man'
  'Plebe's Blues'
  'Point Counterpoint'
  'Punk Rock'
  'Quarter Note'
  'Rhythm and Blues'
  'Rippling Rhythm'
  'Rock and Roll'
  'Rock Concert'
  'Rosedale Golden Trumpet'
  'Rosedale Melody of Summer'
  'Roundhouse Blues'
  'Serendipity Singer'
  'Singin' the Blues'
  'Song Sung Blues'
  'Soul Brother'
  'Southern Blues'
  'Southern Music'
  'Stella Viola'
  'Strike Up the Band'
  'Summer Concerto'
  'Summer Fest'
  'Summer Music'
  'Summer Music Supreme'
  'Symphony in Blue'
  'Syncopated Harmony'
  'Tremont Keynote'
  'Tucker Blues'
  'Ukulele Lady'
  'Unexpected Song'
  'Valley's Blue Buggle'
  'Valley's Blues Talk'
  'Viola Serenade'
  'White Trumpets'

Also see Song Garden.

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