Memorial Garden

  'Abiqua Solitude'
  'Angel Choir'
  'Angel Eyes'
  'Angel Feathers'
  'Angel Harp Strings'
  'Angel of Beauty'
  'Angel Tears'
  'Angel Wings'
  'Answered Prayers'
  'Awakening Angel'
  'Beautiful Dreams'
  'Best Friend'
  'Blue Angel'
  'Blue for You'
  'Blue Vision'
  'Celebration of Angels'
  'Cemetery Road'
  'Cloud Nine'

  'Diana Remembered'
  'Dreaming Beauty'
  'Earth Angel'
  'Everlasting Love'
  'Fond Hope'
  'Fond Memory'
  'Foxfire Destiny's Child'
  'Golden Memories'
  'Golden Prayers'
  'Great Expectations'
  'Guardian Angel'
  'Guiding Light'
  'Heart and Soul'
  'Heart Broken'
  'Heaven and Earth'
  'Heavenly Beginnings'
  'Inspire Greatness'
  'Journey's End'
  'Lakeside Beloved'
  'Lonesome Dove'
  'Love of Life'
  'Love Pat'
  'Memories of Dorothy'
  'Mourning Dove'
  'My Heart'
  'My Precious'
  'Paradise Blue Sky'
  'Paradise Excitation'
  'Paradise Expectations'
  'Paradise Glimmer'
  'Paradise Glory'
  'Paradise Passion'
  'Paradise Power'
  'Paradise Sunset'
  'Paradise Sunshine'
  'Paradise Surprise'
  'Pearly Gates'
  'Prairieland Memories'
  'Praying Hands'
  'Promised Land'
  'Rainbow's End'
  'Ray of Hope'
  'Remember Me'
  'Remembered Always'
  'Silent Prayers'
  'Singin' the Blues'
  'Sleeping Beauty'
  'So Sweet'
  'Sunshine Glory'
  'Sweet Dreams'
  'Trail of Tears'
  'Twist of Fate'
  'Yesterday's Memories'

For infant's death:

  'Baby Blue Eyes'
  'Baby Bunting'
  'Baby Doll'
  'Crown Jewel'
  'Cry Baby'
  'Dream Maker'
  'Gold Petite'
  'Golden Cherub'
  'Golden Child'
  'Heavenly Blessings'
  'Lakeside Baby Face'
  'Little Boy'
  'Little Doll'
  'Little One'
  'Little Prince'
  'Little Princess'
  'Little Tyke'
  'Little Wonder'
  'Little Angel'
  'Little Angel Wings'
  'Littlest Angel'
  'Love Child'
  'Lovely to Behold'
  'Magnificent Obsession'
  'Our Child'
  'Petite Gold'
  'Potter's Hands Baby'
  'Sent from Heaven'
  'Special Angel'
  'Sunlight Child'
  'Sweet Innocence'
  'Tiny Tears'
  'Tot Tot'

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