Soldier's / Warrior's Garden

  '101st Airborne'
  'A B-1 Bomber'
  'A 10 Hut'
  'Abba Salute'
  'Abba Fragrant Sentry'
  'Abiqua Blue Shield'
  'Abiqua Gold Shield'
  'Abiqua Ground Cover'
  'About Face'
  'Admiral Halsey'
  'American Hero'
  'At Attention'
  'At Ease'
  'Battle Star'
  'Big Shot'
  'Blast Off'
  'Blaze of Glory'
  'Blood, Sweat and Tears'
  'Blue Cadet'
  'Blue Cadet Edina'
  'Blue Shield'
  'Bombs Bursting in Air'
  'Border Bandit'
  'Border Patrol'
  'Botters Warrior'
  'Brave Attempt'
  'Bronx Bomber'
  'Bunker Hill'
  'Captain America'
  'Captain Atom'
  'Captain Kirk'
  'Captain Teach'
  'Captain's Adventure'
  'Captain's Canopy'

  'Cease Fire'
  'Cherry Bomb'
  'Chocolate Soldier'
  'Chris' Long Sword'
  'Chris' Samurai Sword'
  'Civil War'
  'Colonel Murphy'
  'Color Guard'
  'Color Revolt'
  'Color Riot'
  'Command Performance'
  'Cosmic Pistol'
  'Cosmic Warrior'
  'Country Warrior'
  'Dark Knight'
  'Delta Force'
  'Dragon Warrior'
  'El Capitan'
  'Final Victory'
  'First Mate'
  'First Strike'
  'Fox Fire'
  'Frensham Shining Armour'
  'G.I. Joe'
  'Giantland Warrior'
  'Ginbuchi Tachi' (SILVER STAR)
  'Ginsu Knife'
  'Gold Cadet'
  'Golden Brigadier'
  'Golden Dagger'
  'Golden Daggers'
  'Golden Lance'
  'Golden Samurai'
  'Gosan Gold Sword'
  'Green Army Man'
  'Green Beret'
  'Green Lance'

  'High Command'
  'Holar Rainbow Spearhead'
  'Holar Red Spear'
  'Hometown Hero'
  'Indiana Knight'
  'Invincible Spirit'
  'King of the Hill'
  'King's Black Knight'
  'Knight's Journey'
  'Lakeside Beach Captain'
  'Lakeside Explosion'
  'Lakeside Top Gun'
  'Lakeside Tough Guy'
  'Major Tom'
  'Medal of Honor'
  'Mighty Mite'
  'Mutant Ninja'
  'Old Glory'
  'Praying Hands'
    (of those back home)
  'Proud Sentry'
  'Purple Heart'
  'Red Cadet'
  'Red October'
  'Rosedale Blunder Bus'
  'Rough Knight'
  'Sea Hero'
  'Sergeant Pepper'
  'Sharp Shooter'
  'Shining Knight'
  'Shining Shield'
  'Shoot the Works'
  'Silver Lance'
  'Smiling Sailor'
  'Soldier Boy'
  'Spartan Spear'
  'Special Forces'
  'Squire Rich'
  'Straight Shooter'
  'Summer Warrior'
  'The General'
  'Top Brass'
  'Toy Soldier'
  'Unsung Hero'
  'Valley's Blue Warrior'
  'War Bonnet'
  'War Eagle'
  'War Horse'
  'War Paint'
  'War Party'
  'War Path'
  'Warrior Princess'
  'West Point'
  'Winter Warrior'
  'Xanadu Shining Knight'
  'Yankee Blue'
  'Yes, Sir!'

Also see Patriotic Garden.

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