Miner's / Prospector's Garden

  'All Gold'
  'Aomori Gold'
  'Aztec Treasure'
  'Band of Gold'
  'Blue Nugget'
  'California Goldrush'
  'Coastal Treasure'
  'Coal Mine'
  'Collector's Gold'
  'Dark Treasure'
  'Diamond Jubilee'
  'Emerald Treasure'
  'Emeralds and Diamonds'
  'Emeralds and Rubies'
  'Exotic Treasure'
  'Field Gold'
  'Fool's Gold'
  'Forest Treasure'
  'Fountain of Gold'
  'Frensham Gold Nugget'
  'Going for Gold'
  'Gold Digger'
  'Gold Dust'
  'Gold Fever'
  'Gold Pan'
  'Gold River'
  'Gold Rush'
  'Gold Strike'
  'Gold Vein'
  'Golden Gem'
  'Golden Nugget'
  'Gosan Gold Dust'
  'Gosan Gold Medal'
  'Hidden Gem'
  'Hidden Treasure'
  'Kiwi Goldrush'
  'Kiwi Treasure Trove'
  'Lakeside Coal Miner'
  'Lakeside Treasure Chest'
  'Little Treasure'
  'Look See'
  'Lost Gold Mine'
  'Lucky Strike'
  'Madison Mine'
  'Ming Treasure'
  'Mother Lode'
  'One Man's Treasure'
  'Panning for Gold'
  'PeeDee Treasure'
  'Platinum Nugget'
  'Pot o' Gold'
  'Pot of Gold'
  'Powder Keg'
  'Precious Metal'
  'Refiner's Fire'
  'Rippled Treasure'
  'River of Gold'
  'Rosedale Coalminer's Special'
  'Rosedale Lost Dutchman'
  'Sea Gold Dust'
  'Secret Treasure'
  'Silver Dust'
  'Silver Lode'
  'Silver Mine'
  'Strike it Rich'
  'Sum Treasure'
  'Sutter's Gold'
  'Sutter's Mill'
  'Tiffney's Gold Digger'
  'Treasure Hunt'
  'True Treasure'
  'Valley's Goldstriker'
  'Yukon Gold'

Also see Mineralogist's / Gemologist's Garden.

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