Sewer's Garden

  'American Green Quilt'
  'Atomic Needle'
  'Blue Gown'
  'Black Satin'
  'Blue Beads'
  'Blue Chiffon'
  'Blue Elastic'
  'Blue Lace'
  'Blue Suede'
  'Blue Velvet'
  'Bold Ribbons'
  'Bold Ruffles'
  'Chantilly Lace'
  'Cosmic Patchwork'
  'Crazy Quilt'
  'Crinkled Leather'
  'Cross Stitch'
  'Dream Weaver'
  'Flame Stitch'
  'Fragrant Blue Ribbons'
  'Frilly Fantasy'
  'Geisha Satin Ripples'
  'Giantland Black Satin'
  'Gold Ribbon'
  'Gold Ruffles'
  'Gold Thread'

  'Golden Frills'
  'Golden Needles'
  'Golden Ruffles'
  'Golden Threads'
  'Gosan Leather Strap'
  'Grecian Lace'
  'Green Bow'
  'Green Satin'
  'Green Sleeve'
  'Green Sleeves'
  'Green Velvet'
  'Holar White Satin'
  'Honey Hill Pinking Shears'
  'Honey Hill Pins and Needles'
  'Irish Ribbons'
  'Island Velvet'
  'Kiwi Blue Ruffles'
  'Kiwi Golden Thimble'
  'Knit Pickin'
  'Lakeside Black Satin'
  'Lakeside Paisley Print'
  'Lakeside Pin Cushion'
  'Lakeside Sapphire Pleats'
  'Lavender Lace'
  'Leather and Lace'
  'Leather Gloss'
  'Leather Sheen'
  'Leprechaun Lace'
  'Needle Point'
  'Needle's Eye'
  'Oshima Silk'

  'Pacific Lace'
  'Paisley Border'
  'Parisian Silk'
  'Pastel Fringe'
  'Patent Leather'
  'Pearl Buttons'
  'Quilted Cup'
  'Quilted Hearts'
  'Quilted Mound'
  'Quilted Skies'
  'Quilting Bee'
  'Quilting Party'
  'Raucous Ruffles'
  'Regal Ruffles'
  'Ribbon Tiara'
  'Rosedale Golden Lining'
  'Rosedale Stitched in Silk'
  'Rosedale Streaked Zipper'
  'Royal Quilt'
  'Royal Tapestry'
  'Rubies and Ruffles'
  'Ruffles Galore'
  'Satin and Silk'
  'Satin Beauty'
  'Satin Bloomers'
  'Satin Flare'
  'Scarlet Ribbons'
  'Sea Blue Leather'
  'Sew Patsy'

  'Sheer Bliss'
  'Shimmering Silk'
  'Silk Kimono'
  'Silk Road'
  'Silver Lining'
  'Silver Ribbon'
  'Silver Threads'
  'Silver Threads &
   Golden Needles'
  'Shimmering Silk'
  'Spinning Wheel'
  'Splashed Leather'
  'Spun Silk'
  'Stained Satin'
  'Stitch in Time'
  'Tatted Lace'
  'Tremont Atomic Needle'
  'Valentine Lace'
  'Valley's Patchwork'
  'Velvet Bows'
  'Velvet Shadows'
  'Venetian Lace'
  'White Border'
  'White Linen'
  'Wide Border'
  'Yellow Ribbons'

Also see Garment Garden.

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