Small and Medium Upright Hostas

'Academy Galadriel'
'Ani Machi'
'Aomori Gold Star'
'Arctic Blast'
'Atomic Elvis'
'Beet Salad'
'Celtic Dancer'
'Chinese Dragon'
'Chinese Dragon Streak'
'Cutting Edge'
'Deane's Dream'
'Devil's Delight'
'Elvis Lives'
'Emerald Ruff Cut'
'Flemish Gold'
'Gay Search'
'Geisha Gold Sport'
'Ginbuchi Tachi' (SILVER STAR)
'Ginsu Knife'
'Ginsu Knife Supreme'
'Hands Up'
'Ivory Necklace'
'Kathie Sisson'
'Kempen Sky High'
'Kinbuchi Tachi'
'Lakeside Cranberry Relish'
'Lakeside Sparkle Plenty'
'Ogon Amagi'
'One Man's Treasure'
'Pineapple Punch'
'Praying Hands'
'Proud Sentry'
'Red Alert'
'Red Dog'
'Restless Sea'
'Rubies and Ruffles'
'Sails Ho'
'Stag's Leap'
'The Razor's Edge'
'Valley's Long Neck'
'Valley's Red Dad'
'White Necklace'
'White Triumphator'
'Wings of a Prayer'

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