Puckered-Leaved Hostas

Hostas are America's #1 perennial. This is partially due to their great variety in leaf shape, size, and color, as well as texture and finish. As The New Encyclopedia of Hostas states, "The [hosta leaf] surface may be smooth, as in H. 'Gay Blade', dimpled, as in H. 'Blue Wedgewood', seersuckered, as in H. 'Midas Touch', puckered, as in H. 'Millennium', or furrowed, as in H. montana" (D. Grenfell and M. Shadrack, The New Encyclopedia of Hostas, p. 19).

Corrugation, or puckering, is sometimes indicated in a cultivar's name with terminology such as "crinkle(d)" or "krinkle(d)", "dimple(d)", "pucker(ed)", "quilt(ed)", "rough", "pebble(d)", and "seer".

Most gardeners find both smooth leaves as well as puckered leaves quite attractive, although deeply corrugated foliage is prone to collect a certain amount of detritus from overhead trees.

Besides genetics, environmental factors can sometimes affect the amount of puckering on the hosta leaf blade. For example, a virus can cause distortion of the leaf tissue. Most hostas display greater corrugation as they mature in size. In fact, juvenile plants often show no corrugation at all.

Here is a list of hosta species and cultivars that exhibit a dimpled or puckered surface. Those which are heavily corrugated are indicated with an asterisk (*).

'101st Airborne'
'1st and Ten'
'A Many-splendored Thing'
'A Step Beyond'
'Abiqua Ariel'
'Abiqua Aries'
'Abiqua Blue Crinkles'
'Abiqua Blue Jay'
'Abiqua Blue Madonna'
'Abiqua Blue Shield'
* 'Abiqua Drinking Gourd'
'Abiqua Gold Shield'
'Abiqua Hallucination'
'Abiqua Moonbeam'
'Abiqua Recluse'
'Abiqua Trumpet'
'Abiqua Zodiac'
'Above the Clouds'
'Abraham Lincoln'
'Abundant Love'
'Academy Blue Titan'
'Academy Blushing Recluse'
'Academy Halo Standard'
'Academy Rumpled Beast'
'Academy Soaring Rugosity'
'Academy Vuvuzela'
'Ace of Spades'
'Ada Robinson'
'Adipose Donkey'
'Adrenaline Rush'
'After Party'
'Age of Gold'
'Aggressive Behavior'
* 'Aksarben'
* 'Alabama Bowl'
'Aladdin's Lamp'
'Albert Lea'
'Alice Blue Gown'
'Alice in Wonderland'
'Aliyah's Grace'
'All Aflutter'
'Allegan Gent'
'Alligator Alley'
'Alligator Rock'
'Alligator Shoes'
'Almost Heaven'
* 'Alter Ego'
'Always and Forever'
'Am I Blue'
'Amazing Love'
'American Blue Hearts'
'American Blue Wrinkles'
'American Fashion'
'American Glory Be'
'American Gold Cup'
'American Gothic'
'American Green Quilt'
'American Halo'
'American Masterpiece'
'American Mohican Halo'
'American Prayers'
'American Tisch Breeder'
'Ancient Mariner'
'Andrew Jackson'
'Andrews Bald'
'Angel of Beauty'
'Anglo Saxon'
'Ann Kulpa'
'Annabel Lee'
'Apple Pucker'
'Apples and Oranges'
* 'Aqua Velva'
'Arctic Rim'
'Artisan Garden Gnome'
'Artisan Grand Illusion'
'Artisan Green Iguana'
'Asian Shadowmaster'
'Aspen Blue'
* 'Aspen Breeze'
* 'Aspen Gold'
'Aspen Green'
'Aspen Pride'
'Atypical Blonde'
'August Moon'
'August Moonlight'
'Aurora Green'
'Avocado Toast'
'Awe Snap'
'Azure Cherub'
'Azure Gem'
'Baby Blanket'
'Baby Booey'
'Back Bay'
'Backyard Monster'
'Bailey's Cream'
'Bam Bam Blue'
'Banana Kid'
'Banana Muffins'
'Banana Pepper'
'Barbara Ann'
'Barbara Elizabeth Hoover'
'Barkskin Blue'
'Barnacle Blue'
'Bashful Polly'
'Battle Star'
'Beach Boy'
'Beach Party'
'Bear Necessities'
'Beat This Blue'
'Beautiful Night'
'Beauty Mark'
'Bee a Friend'
'Bee Courageous'
'Bee Glorified'
'Bee Jewelled'
'Bee Still My Heart'
'Bee's Knees'
'Beer Belly Blues'
'Bellville Giant'
'Bellville Magic'
'Benedict Arnold'
'Benedict Blue Eyes'
'Bering Sea'
'Beyond Glory'
'Beyond Measure'
'Big and Blue'
'Big B'
'Big Bad John'
'Big Beauty'
'Big Bee'
'Big Bubba'
'Big Chance'
* 'Big Daddy'
'Big Kahuna'
'Big Mo'
'Big Old Fella'
'Big Old Teddy Bear'
'Big Point'
'Big Puck'
'Big Time'
'Birchwood Elegance'
'Birchwood Blue Beauty'
'Birchwood Parky's Blue'
'Black Beauty'
'Black Belgium'
'Black Forest'
* 'Black Hills'
'Black Jack'
'Blarney Stone'
'Blazing Saddles'
'Blonde Ambition'
'Blond Bombshell'
'Blue and Gold'
'Blue Beauty'
'Blue Belly'
'Blue Betty Lou'
'Blue Biscuit'
'Blue Blazes'
'Blue Blazes Supreme'
'Blue Bolt'
'Blue Butterfly'
"Blue Cadet Edina"
'Blue Canopy'
'Blue Chalk'
'Blue Chiffon'
'Blue Circle'
'Blue Danube'
'Blue Dolphin'
'Blue Dorothy'
'Blue Dragon Wings'
* 'Blue Dome'
'Blue Eyes'
* 'Blue Fan Dancer'
'Blue for You'
'Blue Frost'
'Blue Giant'
'Blue Gown'
'Blue Grallis'
'Blue Hawaii'
'Blue Hearts'
* 'Blue Horizon'
'Blue Ice'
'Blue Ice Cream'
'Blue Imagination'
'Blue Jam'
'Blue Lady'
'Blue Lagoon'
'Blue Lettuce'
'Blue Lightning'
'Blue Magoo'
'Blue Maui'
'Blue Max'
'Blue Moonlight Cup'
'Blue Mountains'
'Blue Ox'
'Blue Pebbles'
'Blue Pillow'
'Blue Plisse'
'Blue Pointer'
'Blue Ridge Mountains'
* 'Blue Rock'
* 'Blue Seer'
'Blue Shadows'
'Blue Spanish Eyes'
* 'Blue Splendor'
'Blue Suede Shoes'
'Blue Troll'
'Blue Valentine'
'Blue Vamp'
* 'Blue Velvet'
'Blue Vision'
'Blue Wu'
'Blueberries and Cream'
'Blueberry Ala Mode'
'Blueberry Muffin'
'Blueberry Swirl'
'Blueberry Waffles'
'Bluer than Blue'
'Bluegrass Country'
'Bluffview Emma Rose'
'Bob Axmear'
'Bold and Brassy'

* 'Bold Ruff1es'
'Bohemia Blue Camouflage'
'Bohemia Blues for Greeny'
'Bohemia British Racing Green'
'Bohemia Bubble Jet'
'Bohemia Corona'
'Bohemia Cyclops'
'Bohemia Green Ribs'
'Bohemia Middle East'
'Bohemia Niva Gold'
'Bohemia Puckered Stripes'
'Bohemia Rain'
'Bohemia Roquefort'
'Bohemia Sand Pit'
'Bohemia Scaramouche'
'Bohemia Snow Leopard'
'Bohemia Streaked Cow'
'Bohemia Tractor Zetor Seat'
'Bohemia Vegan Bacon'
'Bohemia White Tiger'
'Boots and Saddles'
'Born Free'
'Borwick Beauty'
'Boston Harbormaster'
'Bouquet of Hearts'
'Bowl of Plenty'
'Brant Rock Jetty'
'Brass Ring'
'Brave Amherst'
'Brave Attempt'
'Brazen Hussy'
'Breeder's Choice'
'Breeder's Love'
'Bright Eyes'
'Bright Lights'
'Bright-eyed Ellie'
'Brim Cup'
'Bronx Bomber'
'Brother Don'
'Brother Stefan'
'Brussels Waffles'
'Brutus Buckeye'
'Bubble Up'
'Bubble Wrap'
'Buckeye Blue'
* 'Buckshaw Blue'
'Buffalo Bill'
'Buggy Wheels'
'Button Up'
'Caid Man'
'Cajun Sunrise'
'California Dreamin'
'Cape Cod'
'Captain Kirk'
* 'Carder Blue'
'Cardwell Yellow'
'Carolina Moon'
'Carpathian Green Fields'
'Carriage Wheels'
'Cat in the Hat'
'Catcher's Mitt'
'Celebration of Angels'
'Celestial Sea Glass'
s 'Celtic Bouquet'
'Center Glow'
* 'Centerfold'
'Cerulean Blue'
'Chain Lightning'
'Change of Venue'
'Charlie Jane'
'Chariot Wheels'
'Chartreuse Domes'
'Chartreuse Piecrust'
'Checkered Cab'
'Cheese Louise'
'Chesapeake Bay'
'Chickadee' (Benedict)
'Chief Crazy Horse'
'Chief Little Turtle'
'Chief Sitting Bull'
'Chief Thundercloud'
'Chief White Cloud'
'Chinchilla Blue'
'Chorus Girl'
'Chris' Pale Winner'
'Chris' Pinky Present'
'Christmas Dome'
'Christmas Eve'
'Christmas Gold'
'Christmas Pageant'
'Christmas Surprise'
'Circus Clown'
* 'City Lights'
'Clap Your Hands'
'Clayton Burkey'
'Clean Green'
'Clear Fork Blue'
* 'Clear Fork River Valley'
'Clifford's Polar Moon'
'Cloud Nine'
'Clown Belly'
'Clyde's Birthday'
'Coast to Coast'
'Coffee Break'
'Cold Heart'
'Colesburg Blue'
'Colesburg Crocodile'
'Colesburg Frogger'
'Colesburg Sonny Boy'
'Collector's Banner'
'Color Fantasy'
'Color Glory'
'Color Revolt'
'Commander Cody'
'Confetti Cup'
'Connie Sun'
'Cookie Monster'
'Cool Dreams'
'Cool Hand Luke'
'Cool Waters'
'Copa Cabana'
'Corn Bread'
'Corn Muffins'
'Cory's Beauty'
'Cosmic Baby'
'Cosmic Blue'
'Cosmic Blueberry'
'Cosmic Beer Brat'
'Cosmic Blue Seas'
'Cosmic Breeder'
'Cosmic Brew'
'Cosmic Brother'
'Cosmic Buddy'
'Cosmic Charmer'
'Cosmic Confetti'
'Cosmic Crocodile'
'Cosmic Delight'
'Cosmic Desire'
'Cosmic DNA'
'Cosmic Exceptional'
'Cosmic Eye Candy'
'Cosmic Flash'
'Cosmic Frosty'
'Cosmic Fun'
'Cosmic Genes'
'Cosmic Hippie'
'Cosmic Infatuation'
'Cosmic Jazzy'
'Cosmic Hot Mama'
'Cosmic Journey'
'Cosmic Kid'
'Cosmic Killer'
'Cosmic Knuckles'
'Cosmic Mad Scientist'
'Cosmic Memories'
'Cosmic Miss Fertile'
'Cosmic Moon'
'Cosmic Patchwork'
'Cosmic Paint Shaker'
'Cosmic Pistol'
'Cosmic Queen'
'Cosmic Rain' (Kuenster)
'Cosmic Rainbow'
'Cosmic Secret'
'Cosmic Sensation'
'Cosmic Shadows'
'Cosmic Sister'
'Cosmic Smiles'
'Cosmic Spotted Cow'
'Cosmic Thrills'
'Cosmic Tie Dye'
'Cosmic Warrior'
'Cosmic Watercolors'
'Cosmic Wonder'
'Cotton Fluff'
'Country Boy'
'Country Candied Confection'
'Country Confessions'
'Country Corn'
'Country Dreaming'
'Country Gentleman'
'Country Road'
'Country Sun Drop'
'County Park'
'Cousin Lou Ann'
'Cowboy Drinking Cup'
'Crazy for You'
'Crazy Hazy'
'Crazy Quilt'
'Creature from the Black Lagoon'
'Crinkle Cup'
'Crinkled Creature'
'Crinkled Leather'
'Crinoline Petticoats'
'Crocodile Queen'
'Crocodile Rock'
'Crocodile Socks'
'Crossword Puzzle'

'Crowned Imperial'
* 'Crumples'
'Cup of Gold'
'Cup of Grace'
'Cup of Joy'
'Cupid's Bow'
'Curve Ball'
'Dalton's Pick'
'Dana Nicolette'
'Dandy Lion'
'Dani Adams'
'Dark Night'
'Dark Prince'
* 'Dark Secret'
'Dark Treasure'
'Dark Victory'
'Darwin's Standard'
'Daughter of Ledi Lantis'
'Dawn's Early Light'
'Deep Blue Sea'
'Deep Pockets'
'Deep Waters'
'Delta Dawn'
'Delta Mystery'
'Deluxe Edition'
'Denim Jacket'
'Desert Sun'
'Devon Giant'
'Diamond Lake'
'Dick Ward'
'Dimpled Chad'
'Dippity Dew'
'Dixie Cups'
'Don's Gator Hide'
'Dorothy Benedict'
'Dorothy's Wedding Band'
'Dorset Blue'
'Dorset Clown'
'Double D Cup'
'Double Your Pleasure'
'Dover Downs'
'Dragon Lady'
'Dragon Moon'
'Dream Boat'
'DuPage Delight'
'Eagle's Nest'
'Ebb Tide'
'Eden's Ruff and Tuff'
'Edge of Night'
'Edina Heritage'
'Edina Hornet'
'Eggs Benedict'
'El Dorado'
'Eleanor J. Reath'
'Eleanor Lachman'
'Electrum Stater'
* 'Elegans'
'Elf Slippers'
'Elsie's Smile'
'Emerald Crater'
'Emerald Green'
'Emerald Island'
'Emerald Necklace'
'Emeralds and Diamonds'
'Empress Wu'
'Eola Sapphire'
'Epic Blue Wave'
'Epic Cosmetic Union'
'Epson Downs'
'Eskimo Pie'
'Essence of Summer'
'Essence of Sunset' 'Essence of Sunshine'
'Estelle Aden'
'Etched Glass'
'Evening Magic'
'Evening Prayers'
'Evil Woman'
'Exotic Frances Williams'
'Eye Catcher'
'Eye of the Tiger'
'Fall Emerald'
'Fame Game'
'Farewell Party'
'Fashion Statement'
'Fat Boy'
'Fat Cat'
'Fenman's Fascination'
'Field Gold'
'Fiftieth Anniversary'
'Final Answer'
'Finnegan's Gold'
'Fire Island'
'Fire Opal'
'Fisher's Cream Edge'
'Five O'Clock Shadow'
'Flash Freeze'
'Fleeta Brownell Woodroffe'
'Fleeta's Blue'
'Flemish Design'
'Flemish Lion'
'Flemish Master'
'Floating on Air'
'Flora Plena'
'Florence Brumm'
'Flower Song'
'Fluff and Puff'
'Fond Hope'
'Fond Memory'
'Forbidden Fruit'
'Formal Attire'
'Fortunei Gigantea'
'Fortunei Rugosa'
'Fortunei Stenantha'
'Foundry Gold'
'Fountain Glass'
'Foxfire Bamm Bamm'
'Foxfire Green Lantern'
'Foxfire Irish Moon'
'Foxfire Night Skye'
'Foxfire Petticoat Junction'
'Foxfire Shadow Dancer'
'Foxy Doxy'
'Frances Williams'
'Frank Fetch'
'Frank Lloyd Wright'
'Frank's Rocket'
'Frazeur Family Band'
'Freak Show'
'Fred and Audra'
'Frensham Basking Viper'
'Frensham Peanut Brittle'
'Frensham Royal Connection'
'Friends Forever'
'Frilly Frolic'
'Fritzy Pickles'
'Frizzy Hair'
'Frosted Dimples'
'Frosted Evening'
'Frosted Heart'
'Frosted Mini-muffins'

'Frosty Morn'
'Fruit Cup'
'Fruit Loop'
'Galaxy's Orbit'
'Gandy Dancer'
'Garden Treasure'
'Gator Bowl'
'Generation X'
'Generous Heart'
'Generous Jeff'
'George Smith'
'Get R Done'
'Ghost Spirit'
'Giantland Aftershock'
'Giantland Athletic Cup'
'Giantland Banana Tree'
'Giantland Believe in a Dream'
'Giantland Bog Bastard'
'Giantland Butterfly Wings'
'Giantland Blue Banana'
'Giantland Blue Monday'
'Giantland Blue Monster'
'Giantland Dash of Love'
'Giantland First Scoop'
'Giantland Flubber'
'Giantland Friends Forever'
'Giantland Garden Goddess'
'Giantland Gator Crater'
'Giantland Go Pack Go'
'Giantland Golden Goddess'
'Giantland Gratitude'
'Giantland Green Tuesday'
'Giantland Grinch'
'Giantland Halloween'
'Giantland Ice Princess'
'Giantland Indy Bowl'
'Giantland Karma'
'Giantland King's Triton'
'Giantland Lime-a-Rita'
'Giantland Hearts on Fire'
'Giantland Love under the Stars'
'Giantland Matterhorn'
'Giantland Misty'
'Giantland Mother's Love'
'Giantland Northern Escape'
'Giantland Ocean Fog'
'Giantland Our Dutch Friend'
'Giantland Mystic'
'Giantland Pac Man'
'Giantland Pay It Forward'
'Giantland Peeps'
'Giantland Play It Forward'
'Giantland Puckered Crevice'
'Giantland Serenity'
'Giantland Skylight Bowl'
'Giantland Thor'
'Giantland Tsunami'
'Giantland U-Boat'
'Giantland What the Hill Phil'
'Giantland Wrinkled Shovels'
'Giantland Yellow Dome'
'Giantland Zeus'
'Gift of Sight'
'Gil Jones'
'Gilt Edge'
'Give Me Room'
'Glacial Lake'
'Glad Rags'
'Glad Tidings'
'Glen Eyeful Tower'
'Glen Luminaria'
'Glory Be'
'Gnarly Melon'
'Go Dorothy'
'Going for Gold'
'Gold Bug'
'Gold Country'
* 'Gold Cup'
'Gold Regal'
'Gold Seer'
'Gold Standard'
'Gold Wrinkles'
'Goldbrook Gaynor'
* 'Golden Bullion'
'Golden Discovery'
'Golden Dome'
'Golden Girl'
'Golden Guernsey'
'Golden Harmony'
'Golden Maple'
* 'Golden Medallion'
'Golden Memories'
'Golden Nugget'
'Golden Parachute'
* 'Golden Prayers'
'Golden Princess'
'Golden Rajah'
* 'Golden Sculpture'
'Golden Sunburst'
'Golden Teacup'
'Golden Torch'
'Golden Waffles'
'Golden Wheels'

'Gone Fishin'
'Good as Gold'
'Goodness Gracious'
'Gotta Little Blues'
'Grace McClure'
'Gramma Emmy'
'Grand Lady'
'Grand Master'
'Grandma Burns'
'Grandma's Krinkles'
'Grandma's Teacup'
'Granny's Blue Bonnet'
'Granny's Goosebumps'
'Gray Cole'
'Gray Wolf'
'Greased Lightning'
'Great American Expectations'
'Great Arrival'
* 'Great Expectations'
'Great Lakes'
'Great White Spirit'
'Green Army Man'
'Green Aspen'
'Green Christmas'
'Green Cups'
'Green Dragonet'
'Green Earth'
'Green Jeans'
'Green Melody'
'Green Nature Lady'
'Green Piecrust'
'Green Valley'
'Green-eyed Monster'
'Gretchen Harshbarger'
'Grey Goose'
'Groo Bloo'
'Grover Cleveland'
'Gypsy Lemon'
'Gypsy Rose'
'G-Spot Tornado'
'H. D. Seas'
'Halley's Comet'
'Hallie's Honor'
'Hammered Gold'
'Handle with Care'
'Hands of Hope'
'Handy Hatfield'
'Hanky Panky'
'Happy Dayz'
'Harold Read'
'Harper Grace'
'Hasamona Jeffrey L.Swarts'

'Heart Strings'
'Heavenly Beginnings'
'Heavy Duty'
'Henry Rohr'
'Her Eyes Were Blue'
'Hero Angel'
'Hey Hey, My My'
'Hidden Gem'
'Hideko's Pick'
'High Bid'
'High Fashion'
'High Flyer'
'High Noon'
'Hime Tokudama'
* 'Hirao Zeus'
'Holy Moses'
'Hollywood Hall of Fame'
'Hollywood Loch Ness Monster'
'Hollywood Tin Cup'
'Honey Bear'
'Honey Hill Gravy Boat'
'Honey Hill Pucker Up'
'Honey Hill Sidewalk Chalk'
'Honey Hill Water Ladle'
'Honey Pie'
'Honeysong Blue and Gold'
'Hoosier Classic'
'Hoosier Homecoming'
'Hot Diggity Dog'
'Hot Flash'
'Hot Wheels'
'Hotel California'
'Hudson Bay'
'Hughes Breeder'
'Humpback Whale'
'I'll Fly Away'
'I'm So Blue'
'I'm So Pretty'
'Ice Age Trail'
'Ice Cave'
'Ice Palace'
'Icy Halo'
'Imperial Moth'
'Inca Sun'
'Incredible Hunk'
'Indian Hills'
'Indy Fan Favorite'
'Indy Winner's Circle'
* 'Inniswood'
'Inspire Greatness'
'Instant Karma'
'Irish Ribbons'
'Isla de Taras'
'Island Forest Gem'
'Island Heartbreaker'
'It Rocks'
'Ivory Tower'
'Jack Blue'
'Jack of Diamonds'
'Jacqueline's Banner'
'Janet's Joy'
'Jason and Katie'
'Jay B. Adendroth'
'Jay Jay'
'Jet Black'
'Jim Boldt'
'Jim Cooper'
'Jim Wilkins'
'Jimmy Blue Eyes'
'Jimmy Mac Black'
'Jipson Place Meteor Crater'
'Jipson Place Summer Solstice'
'Jipson Place Tree Top Lover'
'Joan Altman'
'John James'
'Johnny Angel'
'Jon Soucek'
'Joyce Lane'
'Julia Hardy'
'Julie Morss'
'June Dove'
'June Moon'
'Jurassic Park'
'Jurassic Sun'
'Jurassic World'
'Just So'
'Kalyn's Joy'
'Keep It Dark'
'Ken's Rusty'
'Kettle Moraine'
'Key Lime Pie'
'Kickapoo Krinkles'
'Kimmy Q'
'King Lizard'
'King of Spades'
* 'King Tut'
'King's Black Knight'
'Kingwood Center'
'Kirkside Blue'
'Kirkside Golden Parachute'
'Kiss Me Kwick and Don't Slobber'
'Kissed the Girls and Made Them Cry'
'Kiwi Blue Heron'
'Kiwi Blue Ruffles'
'Kiwi Blue Sky'
'Kiwi Blue Sunrise'
'Kiwi Emerald'
'Kiwi Forest'
'Kiwi Green Gourd'
'Kiwi Highlights'
* 'Kiwi Pacific Blue'
'Kiwi Silver Cup'
'Kiwi Sun Lover'
'Krinkle Sister'
'Krinkle Twist'
'Krinkled Cup'
'Krinkled Joy'
'Kris Krinkle'
'Kristie's Key Lime Pie'
'Kung Fu Kenny'
'Kwick's Salad Bowl'
'Kwick's White Pine View'
'Lady Abigail'
'Lady Charlemagne'
'Lady Gold Diva'
'Lady Jan'
'Lady Mabel Mae'
'Lady Tricia Lynn'
'Lady Madonna'
'Lady Tessa'

'Lake Hitchcock'
* 'Lake Louise'
'Lake Superior'
* 'Lakeport Blue'
'Lakeside Beach Bum'
'Lakeside Beach Captain'
'Lakeside Big Scoop'
'Lakeside Blue Confusion'
'Lakeside Blue Jeans'
'Lakeside Butter Ball'
'Lakeside Charm'
'Lakeside Chill Factor'
'Lakeside Circle O'
'Lakeside Color Blue'
'Lakeside Contender'
'Lakeside Cup Up'
'Lakeside Dimpled Darling'
'Lakeside Dream On'
'Lakeside Exposé'
'Lakeside Foaming Sea'
'Lakeside Foiled Plot'
'Lakeside Foot Prints'
'Lakeside Fresh Prince'
'Lakeside Frosted Mint'
'Lakeside Full Tide'
'Lakeside Jazzy Jane'
'Lakeside Grumpy Green'
'Lakeside Legal Tender'
'Lakeside Leprechaun'
'Lakeside Lollipop'
'Lakeside Masterpiece'
'Lakeside Pebbles'
'Lakeside Prophecy'
'Lakeside Prophecy Fulfilled'
'Lakeside Roy El'
'Lakeside Sapphire Pleats'
'Lakeside Shore Master'
'Lakeside Symphony'
'Lakeside Tycoon'
'Lakeside Un Huh'
'Larry Englerth'
'Lean on Me'
'Leapin' Lizard'
'Leaping Lipizzan'
'Leather and Lace'
'Ledi Lantis'
'Lee Armiger'
'Legacy of Corydon'
'Lela's Quilt'

'Lemon Bay'
'Lemon Leaf'
'Lemon Snap'
'Lemon Tuffy'
'Lemon Twist'
'Leola Fraim'
'Li'l Ruffian'
'Liberty Blues'
'Life of Praise'
'Light of Day'
'Light of Zetar'
'Like a Blue Streak'
'Lilac Giant'
'Lime Dimples'
* 'Lime Krinkles'
'Lime Ripple'
'Limited Edition'
'Linda Blue'
'Linda Sue'
'Little Aurora'
'Little Big Man'
'Little Boy'
'Little Cyn'
'Little Dipper'
'Little Doll'
'Little Hobber'
'Little Sunspot'
'Living Large'
'Lizard Lick'
'Lochness Blue'
'Lochness Monster'
'Lochness Smoke and Fire'
'Lord Brendan'
'Lord Crinkleshine'
'Lord Dullripple'
'Lord Goldwrinkle'
'Lord Manywrinkles'
'Lord Puckersheen'
'Louie Louie'
'Louise Ryan'
'Love Burst'
'Love in the Afternoon'
'Love is Real'
'Love Me Tender'
'Love Nest'
* 'Love Pat'
'Love Potion #9'
'Love Spat'

'Love's Purest Light'
'Lovely to Behold'
'Lucille Simpers'
'Lucy and Ethel'
'Lucy Vitols'
'Lunar Eclipse'
'Lunar Night'
'Lunar Sea'
'Ma Breeder'
'Made You Look'
'Magnificent Michele'
'Majestic Blue'
'Majestic Glow'
'Mama Mia'
'Manchester by the Sea'
'Manfred's Delight'
* 'Manhattan'
'Maple Leaf'
'Margaret Eyre'
'Margarita Moon'
'Margrit Anna'
'Marie Robillard'
'Marilyn's Mystery'
'Marlu's Eliza June'
'Marmalade on Toast'
'Marvelous Millie'
'Master of Ceremonies'
'Maui Buttercups'
'Maui Rains'
'Mayan Moon'
'Mayan Seer'
'Mayflower Moon'
'Mayflower Morning'
'Mean Mama'
'Mellow Yellow'
'Memories of Dorothy'
'Memphis Blue'
'Merci Beaucoup'
'Michael S. Flaherty'
'Mid Morning'
* 'Midas Touch'
'Midlife Crisis-Tummy Tuck'
'Midnight Express'
'Midnight Hour'
'Midnight Oil'
'Mike Shadrack'
'Milky Way'
* 'Millie's Memoirs'
'Ming Jade'
'Mint Julep'
'Mint Rushmore'
'Mirror Mirror'
'Miss AmErica'
'Miss Lucy'
'Miss Poland'
'Miss Susy'
'Miss You'
'Missy Marie'
'Mister Green Genes'
'Misty Mary Ann'
* 'Mogul'
'Mohican Forest'
'Moldy Muffins'
'Mommy's Little Monster'
'Mona Lisa'
'Monster Babe'
'Montreal Blue Icestorm'
'Mood Indigo'
'Moon Dance'
'Moon Glow'
'Moon Is Blue' 'Moon Lily'
'Moon Monster'
'Moongate Flying Saucer'
'Moongate Little Dipper'
'Moonlight Madness'
'Moor Hound'
* 'Moscow Blue'
'Motley Crew'
'Mount Kip'
'Mount Tom'
'Mountain of Love'
'Mr Big'
'Mr. Ed'
'Mr. Spock'
'Mrs Raeder'
'Mrs. Allen'
'Muriel Seaver Brown'
'Musical Mama'
'My Heartbreaking Romance'
'My Mom'
'Mystery Mom'
'Nancy Gill'
'Nancy, National Hero'
'Nate the Great'
'Nathan Hale'
'Nathan's Gift'
'Nature Green'
'Neat and Tidy'
'Neon Glory'
'Nesmith's Giant'
'New Kid on the Block'
'New Moon'
'Newberry Gold'
'Nick Balash'
'Nickie Sue Axmear'
'Night Rhythms'
'Nifty Fifty'
'Noah's Ark'
'Noble Eagle'
'Norma's Afternoon'
'North Pacific High'
'North Point'
'Northern Comet'
'Northern Exposure'
'Northern Halo'
'Northern Hemisphere'
'Northern Mist'
'Northern Mist Grey'
'Northern Mystery'
'Northern Star'

'Northernair Bluetilda'
'Northland Queen'
'Northwest Textures'
'Norwalk Chartreuse'
'Nutty Husband'
'Oberland Colourful Noise'
'Oberland Spring Air'
'Ocean Dusk'
'Ocean Isle'
'Ocean Isle Tornado'
'Oceans Away'
'Odd Goddess'
'Oh My Heart'
'Oh! Them Golden Slippers'
'Ohh! Amber'
'Ohh! Blue Beacon'
'Ohh! Charlotte'
'Ohh! Blue Finale'
'Ohh! His Blue Eyes'
'Ohh! Lovilia'
'Ohh! Powder River Blue'
'Old Bill'
'Old Blue'
'Old Cadillac'
'Old Glory'
'Old Gold Edge'
'Old Rough House'
'Old Smoky'
'Olive Bailey Langdon'
'Olive's Freckles'
'On the Edge'
'Ontario Blue'
'Ooh La La'
'Orange Crush'
'Orange Marmalade'
'Orion's Belt'
'Orphan Child'
'Orphan Train Ruffian'
'Osiris Marie Robillard'
'Osiris Mignonne'
'Osiris Obscur'
'Osiris Ovation'
'Osiris Trouvaille'
'Outer Space'
'Owen the Orangutan'
'Oxford Blue'
'Pablo Picasso'
'Pacific Rim'
'Pacific Sunlight'
'Packer Backer'
'Pagoda Palace'
'Paint Master'
'Paisley Parfait'
'Pale Moon Rising'
'Panning for Gold'
'Papa's Gold'
'Paper Moon'
'Paradise Blue Sky'
'Paradise Creek'
'Paradise Expectations'
'Paradise Glory'
'Paradise Island'
'Paradise Ocean'
'Paradise Restored'
'Paradise Standard'
'Paradise Surprise'
'Parisian Silk'
'Pastel Fringe'
'Pathway Foundling'
'Patricia's Paragon'
'Pauline Brac'
'Paul's Blue Wonder'
'Paul's Glory'
'Pea Pod'
'Peach Brandy'
'Peach Salsa'
'Pearls of Wisdom'
'Pebble Beach'
'Pebble Creek'
'Pebble Creek Basin'
'Pebble Creek Doggone Nice'
'Pebble Creek Five Stones'
'Pebble Creek GPS'
'Pebble Creek Grape Jelly'
'Pebble Creek Great King'
'Pebble Creek Landmark'
'Pebble Creek Nightscape'
'Pebble Creek Provenance'
'Pebble Creek Shamayim Mayim'
* 'Pebbled Jade'
* 'Pebbles'
'PeeDee Dew Catcher'
'PeeDee Granny Smith'
'Peg O' My Heart'
'Peppermint Cream'
'Perry's True Blue'
'Pete's Dark Satellite'
'Pete's Passion'
'Peter Ruh'
'Pewter Goblet'
'Pewter Platter'
'Pharaoh's Gold'
'Photo Finish'
'Piano Man'
'Picasso's Blue Period'
'Pickle Puss'
'Piedmont Green'
'Pin-up Girl'
'Pistol Palace Orphan'
'Plain Jane'
'Plain Jane in a Frilly Skirt'
'Planet Jupiter'
'Planet Mars'
'Platinum Blonde'
'Platinum Nugget'
'Play Misty for Me'
'Pocketful of Sunshine'
'Polly Bishop'
'Potomac Glory'
'Potomac Pride'
'Potomac Splash'
'Powder Blue'
'Powder Brute'
'Powder Keg'
'Prairie Fire'
'Prairie Glow'
'Prairie Magic'
'Pretty Peggy'
'Pride and Joy'
'Prime Mark'
'Prime Meridian'
'Prime Minister'
'Prince Beorn Benicio'
'Prince of Peace'
'Princess Anastasia'
'Princess Diana'
'Princess Kendra'
'Princess WuWu'
'Pucker Power'
'Pucker Up'
* 'Puckered Cup'
* 'Puckered Giant'
'Puckered Green'
* 'Puckered Green Cup'
'Puddles and Bumps'
'Punk Rock'
'Purple Boots'
'Purple Haze'
'Queen of Islip'
'Quiet Wyatt'
* 'Quilted Cup'
'Quilted Hearts'
'Quite Pleasing'
'Rabble Rouser'
'Raging River'
'Rags to Riches'
'Rain Dancer'
'Rainbow Glenn'
'Rainbow's Moon'
'Rainforest Sunrise'
'Rasha Maru'
'Raspberries and Cream'
'Raucous Ruffles'
'Rebel Rouser'
'Refiner's Fire'
'Reflected Glory'
'Regal Glory'
'Regal Ruffles'
'Regal Tot'
'Rembrandt Blue'
'Renaldo's Twisted Fate'
'Rhinestone Cowboy'
'Rhino Blue'
'Rhino Hide'
'Rhino Tuff'
'Rich Uncle'
'Richland Gold'
'Richland Surprise'
'Riding High'
'Rimmed Cauldron'
'Rip Van Wrinkle'
'Rippled Elf'
'Rippled Treasure'
'Rippling Waves'
'Rising Star'
'River Nile'
'Riverboat Queen'
'Road Rage'
'Rob's Rag'
'Robin Hood'
'Robyn Duback'
'Rock and Roll'
'Rock 'n Chick'
'Rock of Gibraltar'
'Rocky Fork'
'Rocky Mountain High'
* 'Rocky Point'
* 'Rocky Road'
'Rod Kuenster'
'Rod's Cup'
'Rod's Gold'
'Ron Damant'
'Roseann Walters'
'Rosedale Black Hole'
'Rosedale Black Sambo'
'Rosedale Dewy'
'Rosedale Golden Candlestick'
'Rosedale Golden Chips'
'Rosedale Golden City'
'Rosedale Golden Goose'
'Rosedale Mr. Green Jeans'
'Rosedale Rain Catcher'
'Rosedale Robert Hackbarth'
'Rosedale Spoons'
'Rosedale Terraced Hills'
'Rossing's Pride'
'Rough Knight'
* 'Rough Waters'
'Roundhouse Blues'
'Rowan My Boat'
'Royal Empress'
'Royal Golden Jubilee'
'Royal Highness Abrielle'
'Royal Quilt'
'Rubies and Ruffles'
'Ruby Benedict'
'Ruby Earrings'
'Ruffed Up'
'Ruffled Surprise'
'Ruffles n Ridges'
'Rumpled Hat'
'Rust Bucket'
'Ryan's Big One'
'Sally and Bob'
'Sam Hill'
'Sam-Tina Gold'
'Samual Blue'
'Sand Pebbles'
'Sapphire Pillows'
'Sara's Gold'
'Sarah Jane'
'Sassy in Gold' 'Saturday Moon'
'Save Poor Lily'
'Saybrook Surprise'
'Scalloped Potatoes'
'Scaredy Cat'
'Screaming Yellow Zonkers'
* 'Scrunched Up'
* 'Sea Blue Monster'
'Sea Bunny'
'Sea Current'
'Sea Ebony'
'Sea Frolic'
'Sea Fire'
'Sea Gentian'
'Sea Gold Dust'
'Sea Gold Star'
* 'Sea Grotto'
'Sea Gull'
'Sea Hero'
'Sea Lotus Leaf'
'Sea Mermaid'
* 'Sea Monster'
'Sea Pale Moon'
'Sea Peridot'
'Sea Queen'
'Sea Slate II'
'Sea Waves'
'Sea White Gold'
'See Saw'

'Seneca' (Wade)
'Sensational Mood'
'Sent from Heaven'
'Sew Patsy'
'Shadow Waltz'
'Shadow Wood Ruffles'
'Shady Lover'
'Shawnee Gold'
'Shawnee Moon'
'She Don't Know She's Beautiful'
'Sheila West'
'Shenandoah Abbey'
'Sherborne Songbird'
'Shirley Vaughn'
'Shoot the Works'
'Shout Out Silas'
'Sibling Rivalry'
* sieboldiana 'Elegans'
'Silver and Gold'
'Silver Bay'
'Silver Bowl'
'Silver Frost'
'Silver Giant'
'Silver Light'
'Silver Rim'
'Silver Spray'
'Simpers Number Five'
'Simple Justice'
'Simple Pleasure'
'Simply Sharon'
'Singin' the Blues'
'Sir Charles'
'Sir Dave'
'Sir Lloyd T'
'Skipping School'
'Smash Hit'
'Smiling Susan'
'Smokey Bear'
'Smokey Mountains'
* 'Smokey Tokey'
'Snake Skin Boots'
'Snow Cap'
'Snow on Everest'
'Soaring Eagle'
'Soft Focus'
'Soldier Boy'
'Something Different'
'Something Else'
'Something for Sandra'
'Sophisticated Lady'
'Soul Shine'
'Sound of Music'
'Sounds of Kinnick'
'Soup Spoon'
'Sour Apples'
'South Seas'
'Southern Blues'
'Southern Essence'
'Southern Gold'
'Spacious Skies'
'Spilt Milk'
'Spinach Soufflé'
'Spinning Wheel'
'Splashed Heart'
'Splendid Sarah'
'Spock's Ear'
'Sport Wheels'
'Spring Break'
'Spring Love'
'Stalwart Steve'
'Stand Up'
'Standard Deviation'
'Standing Room Only'
'Star Power'
'Star Seed'
'Starship Enterprise'
'Stefan Edward'
'Step Brother'
'Stepping Out'
'Steve Moldovan'
'Storm Surf'
'Stormy Seas'
'Streets of Gold'
'String Bikini'
'Stuck on Blue'
'Subterranean Pool'
'Sugar Daddy'
'Sugar Mama'
'Sugar Snap'
'Summer Serenade'
'Summertime Blues'
'Sun Glow'
'Sun and Shadow'
'Sun Disk' 'Sun Chariot'
'Sun's Glory'
'Sunlight Child'
'Sunny Slope Gold'
'Sunrise Crinkles'
'Sunshine Glory'
* 'Super Bowl'
'Super Nova'
'Super Samson'
'Super Scoop'
'Super Star'
'Supreme Court Justice'
'Surf and Turf'
'Suri's Glory'
'Sutter's Mill'
* 'Swamp Monster'
'Swamp Thing'
'Sweet Sunshine'
'Sweet William'
'Swirling Hearts'
'Taco Chips'
'Tall, Dark, and Handsome'

'Tangerine Tango'
'Tarheel Blue'
'Tatting Fern'
'Tattletale Gray'
'TBSP Butter'
'Tea Ceremony'
'Teacher's Pet'
'Teltow Pancakes'
'Temple of Heaven'
'Terms of Endearment'
'Thai Brass'
'The Future King'
'The Gathering'
'The High Life'
'The Horseshoe'
'The Mighty Koo Yai'
'The Right One'
'The Right Stuff'
'The Sun King'
'The Wall'
'Theodore Roosevelt'
'These Colors Don't Run'
'Thrills and Frills'
'Thunder Boomer'
'Thunder Clouds'
* 'Tijuana Brass'
'Time Traveler'
'Time Tunnel'
'Timeless Treasure'
'Timms Hill'
'Tin Knocker'
'Tisch Blue'
'To the Point'
'Toad House'
* 'Tokudama'
* 'Tokudama Aureonebulosa'
* 'Tokudama Flavocircinalis'
'TON-kah toh'
'Tootie Mae'
'Top of the Mornin'
'Top Shelf'
'Touch of Green'
'Towering Inferno
'Trail's End'
* 'Treasure'
'Treasure Island'
'Treasure Trove'
'Tremont Cardiac'
'Tremont Folded'
'Tremont Frosted Flakes'
'Tremont Frosted Greenie'
'Tremont Sentient'
'Tremont Super Blue'
'Tremont Yellow Pebbles'
'Tropical Sunrise'
'Troubled Waters'
'True Blue'
'True Dreams'
'Tuff Stuff'
'Tupelo Honey'
'Turbulent Seas'
'Twist and Shout'
'Twisted Hearts'
'Twisted Sister'
'Tyler John'
'Ukulele Lady'
'Uncle Shorty'
'Uniquely Go Big or Go Home'
'Uniquely Inconceivable'
'Uniquely Purple People Eater'
'Uniquely Rails to Trails'
'Uniquely Sweet Lady'
'Unruly Troll'
'Valley's Annapurna'
'Valley's Big Freeze'
'Valley's Big Snapper'
'Valley's Blue Note'
'Valley's Blues Talk'
'Valley's Endless Love'
'Valley's First Vintage'
'Valley's Flying Dutchman'
'Valley's Golden Bay'
'Valley's Golden Mary'
'Valley's Golden Mistral'
'Valley's Kia Ora'
'Valley's Love Birds'
'Valley's Love Cats'
'Valley's Morning Sun'
'Valley's Sakura'
'Valley's Salty Crocodile'
'Valley's Shiraz Blend'
'Valley's Skydiver'
'Valley's Walkabout'
'Valley's Wine Label'
'Valley's Yellow Fellow'
'Van Wade'
'Van Wade Blue'
'Van's Baby'
'Vanilla Cream'
'Variegated Miniature Aretini'
'Velvet Shadows'
'Versailles Blue'
'Victory Lap'
'Viking Gold'
'Viking Ship'
'Viktoria's Blue Ribbon Baby'
'Viktoria's Dark Secret'
'Wagon Wheels'
'Walla Walla'
'Warrior Princess'

'Warwick Comet'
* 'Warwick Cup'
'Warwick Essence'
'Warwick Gold'
'Warwick Token'
'Waukon Golden Pond'
'Waukon Water'
* 'Wayside Blue'
'Well Shaked'
'Wet Crocodile'
'Wheaton Blue'
'Wheaton Thunder'
'When I Dream'
'Whirling Puck'
'White Sails'
* 'White Vision'
'Wicked Blue Banana'
'Wicked Brain Freeze'
'Wicked Fun'
'Wicked Marvel'
'Wicked Mom'
'Wide Border'
'Wide Brim'
'Will of Fortune'
'William Lachman'
'Willy Nilly'
'Wilson Lake'
'Winning Edge'
'Winning Streak'
'Winsome Blue'
'Wishing Well'
'Witches Brew'
'Witten Lodge'
'Work of Art'
'World Cup'
'World Peace'
'Worldly Treasure'
'Wrinkles and Crinkles'
'Wu Hoo'
'Xanadu Dlanor'
'Xanadu Paisley'
'Xanadu Passion's Fruit'
'Yankee Doodle Dandy'
'Yellow Corduroys'
'Yellow Dog'
'Yellow Fog'
'Yellow Highness'
'Yesterday's Memories'
'Yo Mama'
'You Can Call Me Al'
'You're Welcome'
'Yuma' (Wade)
'Zachary Taylor'
'Zager's Tokudama'
* 'Zounds'
'ZZZZ, A Sleeping Beauty'

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