Red-Petioled Polyploid Hostas

Here is a list of hosta cultivars which have reddish petioles and/or scapes, and which may also be polyploid.

'Dracula' (M. Fransen- NR) An all-green sport of 'Volcano Island', so it should have the same characteristics (red petioles and scapes) and good leaf substance as 'Volcano Island'. Since 'Volcano Island' was analyzed by flow cytometry by Dr. Ben Zonneveld and determined to be fully tetraploid (4-4-4), H. 'Dracula' likely is tetraploid as well.

'Cherry Pie' (Mobjack Nurseries- NR) A sport of 'Cherry Berry', suggested to be polyploid. H. 'Cherry Pie' should match 'Cherry Berry' in most characteristics, and may be similar to 'Cherry Tomato' and 'Foxfire Rose Red', which are also purported to be a polyploid sports of 'Cherry Berry'.

'Fantasy Island' (R. Solberg- 2002) A wide-edged sport of 'Island Charm', similar to 'Xanadu'.

'Flemish Design' (D. Van Eechaute NR) A chemically-induced polyploid conversion of 'Designer Genes'. H. 'Flemish Design' is reported to have thicker foliage and to be fertile.

'Foxfire Rose Red' (S. Schulte- 2003) A sport of 'Cherry Berry'. Registered by Steve Schulte from Wisconsin when the original plant was 3 yrs. old. Intense red petioles, deep red scapes, and red seed pods. According to the registration sheet, the originator suspects polyploidy. Perhaps similar to 'Cherry Pie' and 'Cherry Tomato', two other sports of 'Cherry Berry'.

'Proud Dragon' (D. Van Eechaute NR) A sport of 'Dragon Warrior' with red petioles and scapes. Thick leaves with a wide, clear white border. Forms a short clump. Promoted as a tetraploid.

'Rainbow's End' (H. Hansen- 2005) A polyploid sport of 'Obsession'. Registered by Hans Hansen from Waseca, MN when the plant was 5 yrs. old. H. 'Rainbow's End' has heavily-spotted reddish-purple scapes, purple-tinged vestigial leaves, and purple flower buds. Dr. Ben Zonneveld tested 'Rainbow's End' and determined it to be a ploidy chimera. Some of the specimens tested were found to be 2.5-2-2 while others were 2-2-2.5. In both cases, the second layer (which produces the seed) is merely diploid.

'Red Hot Flash' (J. Machen, Jr.- 2004) AKA 'PeeDee Hot Flash'. A sport of 'PeeDee Gold Flash' which is suggested to be tetraploid. According to Mark Zilis, "During the 2003 AHS convention, leaves of an induced tetraploid sport of 'PeeDee Gold Flash' were entered in the society's leaf show competition. Apparently, this became known as 'PeeDee Hot Flash'....At some point, 'PeeDee Hot Flash' was renamed 'Red Hot Flash'...." (The Hostapedia, page 707). The registration sheet, however, states that 'Red Hot Flash' is "a 1st generation division obtained from a nursery". This cultivar has not been analyzed by flow cytometry, so the inferred ploidy level has not been determined.

'True Treasure' (J. van den Top- NR) A green-leaved sport of 'One Man's Treasure' which is thought to be tetraploid.

'Volcano Island' (M. Fransen- NR) A chemically-induced, tetraploid sport of 'Paradise Island'. Deep red petioles and scapes with purplish pods. H. 'Volcano Island' is a fertile seed producer, passing the red on to its progeny. Good substance and growth rate. Dr. Ben Zonneveld tested 'Volcano Island' using flow cytomtery and determined it to be fully tetraploid (4-4-4). Because of its many good characteristics, 'Volcano Island' would be worthwhile incorporating into a hybridizing program.

'Xanadu' (A. Malloy- 2000) A sport of 'Island Charm' registered as "an original sport, 3 yrs. old" by Alex Malloy from S. Salem, NY. Reddish purple scapes, pink petioles, and pinkish flowers. Better growth rate and vigor than 'Island Charm' due to a wider green margin. Very similar to 'Fantasy Island', another wide-margined sport of 'Island Charm'. Some have suggested that H. 'Xanadu' is polyploid.

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