Misted-Leaved Hosta

Misted-leaved hostas have small short segments of dark pigmented tissue on a lighter background. They are usually less dynamic than streaked or speckled-leaved hostas because the streaking is much finer and more subtle. The leaf blade is foggy or murky in appearance.

'Academy Fickle Fellow'
'Academy Grass Clippings'
  (misted and speckled)
'Alley Oop' (misted, speckled, and streaked)
'American Masterpiece' (misted and streaked)
'American Misty'
'Barnacle Blue'
'Chirifu Oba' (misted and streaked)
'Chris' Misty Prize'
'Cotton Candy'
'Danish Mouse'
'Fallen Angel'
'Fragrant Mist'
'Frosted Mini Hearts'
'Ghost Spirit'
'Giantland Blue Cheese'
'Giantland Freckles'
'Golden Needles'
'Gone Fishin'
'Gosan Gold Mist'
'Gunter's Prize'
  (misted, speckled, and streaked)
'Hanjas Crazy Mouse'
'Hatsushimo Nishiki' (misted and streaked)
'Hiraoka Nishiki'
'Holar Rainbow Magic'
'Icy Fog'
'Ivory Queen'
'Kiwi Forest' (misted and mottled)
'Kiwi Spearmint'
'Korean Snow'
'Light My Fire'
'Little Maddie'
'London Fog' (misted and speckled)
longipes (misted form)
'Marbled Mist'
'Mean Gene'
'Midnight at the Oasis' (misted and speckled)
'Milk Maid'
'Minted Gold'
'Misted Cove'
'Misty Gold' (misted and streaked)
'Mountain Mist'
'Mr Mister'
'Needlepoint' (misted and streaked)
'Northern Mist'
'Northern Mystery' (slightly misted)
'Ocean Isle Gold Dust'
'OHS Love in the Mist'
'Olive's Freckles'
'Olympic Mist'
'Outhouse Delight'
'Particle Accelerator'
'Photo Finish'
'Piedmont Stripe'
'Rime Ice'
'River's Mist'
'Rosedale Misty Magic'
'Shocking Mandy'
'Silver Mine'
'Silver Threads and Golden Needles'
  (misted and speckled)
'Snow Flurry'
'Spilt Milk' (misted and streaked)
'Spotted Owl'
'Sun Shadows'
'Susan Montgomery's Ghost'
'Tokyo Smog'
'Twilight Zone'
'Valley's Cloudy Bay'
'Valley's Misty Corner'
'Valley's Misty Sky' (misted and streaked)
'Vermont Frost'
'Wild Bill'
'Winfield Mist'
'Winter Lightning'
'Xanadu Snow'
'Yoshinogawa' (misted and streaked)

Also see Speckled-leaved Hostas.

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