The Hosta Lists

compiled by Donald A. Rawson, 426 Nine Mile Rd. NE, Comstock Park, MI 49321

The HOSTA LISTS represent a compilation of 96 individual lists which group hosta cultivars and species according to various facts and characteristics. These lists have been compiled over a sixteen year period, and are revised and updated annually. Originally, the lists were part of the notebook of the West Michigan Hosta Society.

Containing over 21,000 entries, the 96 lists represent the most complete and accurate collection of hosta lists available anywhere. Hosta names are faithfully and carefully checked for accuracy against the AHS Hosta Registry and The Hostapedia: An Encyclopedia of Hostas (Mark R. Zilis, 2009). The HOSTA LISTS have displayed their usefulness in years past and will continue to be an invaluable and indispensable resource for hosta gardeners everywhere.

As of 2010, the DWARF AND SMALL HOSTAS list has been omitted. A list of MINIATURE HOSTAS has been compiled, according to AHS guidelines. A new list of VERY SMALL HOSTAS was added at that time also.

The lists are:

Click here to download the entire master list, including the Hosta Themes Garden Lists, as a PDF file. Feel free to download the file to your computer for easy off-line reference. It's a sizable list of about 1MB and 168 pages.

On top of all that, Don also developed a number of new cultivars, of which 'Rhino Hide' is probably the best known and now available in limited distribution.

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